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Vétua: a fairy tale takes us to Monterosso al Mare

Vetua Monterosso al Mare

Vétua Monterosso
A fairy tale takes us to Monterosso al Mare and tells of Rosy and Sebastiano, a kind couple so polite and available to transmit harmony in each of their productions.

Among the first to bring biodynamic philosophy to the Cinque Terre, integrating it with the ancient knowledge of winemaking, they propose a micro production of excellence of Sciacchetrà DOC and dry whites, in two different expressions of local wine, from the classic grapes Bosco, Albarola and Vermentino, plus three ancient native vines wisely recovered: Picabùn, Brujapagià and Frapelà.

Liquid delights that macerate on the skins at free temperature and mature in steel, maintain the fine and sensible agreeableness of their producers, yet proudly narrating the territory, the Mediterranean scrub of the terraced slopes facing the sea, of small strips of cultivated with passion and tiring constancy, therefore genuine and sincere, savory and mineral, persistent and iodized. Their pleasant red wine is also worth grabbing.

On each bottle the artistic touch of the labels comes from Rosy’s original designs.

We are talking about an annual production of four or five thousand bottles, quantities so small that every year they sell like hot cakes and we are proud to contribute to making them known at Ghemé!

The Ghemé Staffa: Chiara and Laura
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