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The Foresto di Vernazza: a new force for viticulture in the Cinque Terre.

Il Foresto di Vernazza: nuova forza per la viticoltura alle Cinque Terre

Working the land is difficult and in some areas it is called heroic effort for good reason, so finding young people who dedicate themselves to it is already a source of joy, even more so if the final result is excellent!

In Vernazza in the Cinque Terre, Michele Potenza arrived, a trained oenologist and expert in natural viticulture, for several years he has been recovering steeply sloping terraces and for two seasons he has labeled the fruit of hard work: his wines, white and rosé, from “Il Foresto”, to the ancient fashion of Cinque Terre winemaking. In his hands there is a small cru next to the village and close to the sea, a more important plot above the hilltop village in San Bernardino ( Vernazza).

In the vineyard, processing inspired by natural principles, steel barrels and bottled indigenous yeasts without filtration, when drunk the wine surprises with its clean nose and hints of Ligurian land, Mediterranean scrub and aromatic herbs, which re-appear in the mouth with a persistent freshness and marine flavor, which reminds us of the sensation of gazing at those scrambled and fragile territories, when we stand on the shore of Vernazza, with the harmony of the waves as soundtrack.