The farmer dreamer pianist

Immortale and Heloise

Immortal and Heloise are born from a wonderful fairy tale.
Once upon a time there was a refined and musically immense pianist, specialized in Bach’s Goldberg Variations, in love with Nature, doctor in physics, in communication sciences, in philosophy of language; Enraptured by the beauty of the Cinque Terre landscape, he chooses a corner to make it his own home, with so much tenacity, perseverance and effort, stubbornly free from brambles and from the bush ,a small house with a small estate that turn into a wonderful terrace suspended over the sea.

He loves sharing and his space becomes a place to savor and taste the territory with simplicity, lulling the guests with the sweet soundtrack created by his notes.

The wise knowledge of ancient herbal and medicinal remedies and the possibility of having an uncontaminated and pure collection of spontaneous herbs, protected by the Mediterranean scrub, caressed by the sea breeze, allows this artist to experiment in distillations and blends where the protagonists become the perfumes of the territory, typical aromatic and botanical, among all the lemons and the helichrysum, from which Immortale and Heliose spring, ideal as digestives or bitters, fabulous even with a small quantity of ice cube as an aperitif, with the characteristic of being much more fragrant and less sweet.

They are both made with untreated lemon peel from Costa de Sèra di Riomaggiore and helichrysum from Monesteroli, raw sugar and perfectly neutral cereal alcohol to enhance the aromas of the ingredients without the sweetish aftertaste typical of fruit alcohols.

Immortel d’Italie was the ancient name of the helichrysum, while the name Heloise is inspired by the heroine who suggested the romantic and tragic story of Romeo and Juliet.

Emanuele defines the character and the assembly of the two liqueurs and his elegant life partner Kristin designs the aesthetic part and the labels. Production takes place seasonally in micro quantities of only five hundred bottles.

The percentage of citrus peel used is about ten times higher than traditional liqueurs. Immortale is characterized by a longer infusion of both lemon and helichrysum, both of which should be consumed at room or cellar temperature, not frozen because the low temperature would affect the aromas.

At Ghemè we propose it with respectful reverence and pride, out of respect for these drops of passion that so deeply personify our land!