Liguritudine, Passiti, Sciacchetrà

Sciacchetrà the liquid gold of the Cinque Terre

Litan Cinque Terre - Costa De Sera DOC

Sciacchetrà , the liquid gold of the Cinque Terre, one of the best Italian wines, sweet passito and delicious nectar of divine ambrosia, which has always been a symbol of gratitude , a traditional product during  Christmas time. As good and precious, as splendid and wonderful as the land that originates it, vineyards  climbing and clinging to the rocks overlooking the Ligurian sea, only in the Cinque Terre Park. It is precisely from the sapidity of the marine waters that, sprayed by the Libeccio winds, settle on the clusters and enrich them, it takes the magnificent complexity of the aromatic spectrum, in the aromas and in the greedy drink.

Production requires tenacity and stubbornness on the part from the winemakers who have to laboriously cultivate and work on slopes on terraces maintained by dry stone walls, suspended steeply in the balance over the sea; the search for the best bunches, one by one only in the best vintages, hand-picked and hung or spread out to dry; drying for at least two months; always manual shelling and sorting of only the healthy grains discarding the unsuitable ones, which for this purpose gathers the families of the producers for the ritual of selecting the single concentrated grains that will be crushed, crushed to bring out the best, crushes and pulls, shakes is between; all this makes the yield lean and precious, the production of Sciacchetrà is so rough and rare, as to make this a celebratory wine.

The Sciacchetrà is a unique jewel, a gift par excellence for occasions, for Christmas parties, for family celebrations, as a gesture of gratitude to important people, to the doctor who saves your life. With its joyful and bright amber color it encloses the sun and the smiling Mediterranean magic. The balsamic note given by the land of origin and the salinity makes Sciacchetrà rich, velvety and consistent, fine and elegant, refined and complex, sweet and not cloying, balanced and very persistent, with a scent of dried fruit, vanilla, walnuts and hazelnuts, raisins, dehydrated figs and apricots and peach in compote, chestnut honey and caramel, helichrysum and licorice. Already praised and sought after in all European courts since 1300, as narrated by famous writers, from Pliny to Petrarch to Carducci.

this in a great wine, long-lived that easily reaches twenty or thirty years of refinement in perfect condition, the choice of which helps to help sustainable viticulture, the farmers who heroically continue the difficult extreme production and who, maintaining the terraces, consolidate and they preserve this fragile and difficult territory, in precarious balance, the wonderful and spectacular paradise of the Cinque Terre.

The Ghemé Staff: Chiara and Laura

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