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Ligurian cubeletto, the sweet of memory

Ligurian cubeletto, the sweet of memory - Pasticceria Canepa Rapallo

Our region has some unique and rare gems of flavors and delights, which at Ghemé we enjoy researching, selecting and proposing, recipes handed down over the centuries and greedy delicacies that alone deserve a dedicated holiday. One of these is the magic of the Pasticceria Canepa Cubeletti.

The cubeletto, also called cobeletto or gobeletto, is a shortcrust pastry that contains a heart of delicious stuffed with quince or apricot jam.
The shape recalls of a small closed basket, created with a special brass stencil.
The tradition remains very present in the Ligurian towns of Cogoleto, Varese Ligure, Finale Ligure and Rapallo, in fact it is here that the “municipal denomination of origin” is recognized since 2012 for the “Cubeletto di Rapallo De.Co.”, which defines its shape original with the scalloped edge and size. The name derives from its shortcrust pastry lid, which acts as a hat for the sweet. The ingredients are few, healthy and genuine.
The cubeletti would be typical for the feast of Sant’Agata, which occurs on February 5th. At Ghemé we have chosen the fabulous cubes of the historic Canepa Pastry in Rapallo, where they still use the original 1800 molds and the traditional recipe!
To the classic taste of quince filling, we combine the new version of cubeletti dedicated to the Cinque Terre with the lemon compote!
What will your favorite version be?