Cinque Terre – Costa De Sèra DOC

Litan Cinque Terre - Costa De Sera DOC

A memorable wine from a magical place . For centuries the Litàn family has cultivated the garden vineyard at Costa de Sèra in Riomaggiore , which among the three unique and small crus of the Cinque Terre DOC, called Coste, is the most impervious and sloping, reachable only on foot or by small boats by sea, facing south, sunny and with a wonderful microclimate, created on steep terraces, supported by dry stone walls hanging from the rocks overlooking the blue of the Ligurian sea, with land sandstone rock that grants a microscopic production of less than five thousand bottles every year.

The lowest rows of grapes begin thirty meters above sea level , the waves break on the rocks and release brushstrokes of salt that the Libeccio wind pushes on the vineyards, imprinting that unique and precious character that distinguishes the Litàn wine.

The three different white berried grapes, bosco, albarola and vermentino , guarantee its straw yellow full of unique complexity, in the intense bouquet aromas of citrus, medlar, prickly pear and apple flow. quince, yellow flowers and broom, Mediterranean scrub and aromatic herbs, thyme and helichrysum; the olfactory richness is confirmed on the palate in a fresh, greedy and full-bodied sip, long and savory, persistent, which brings you back there, on rocks and rocks to be caressed by the fluctuating salty foam.

Drops of passion and tenacity of heroic viticulture made entirely by hand and the help only in part of a small rack monorail train, with the lean yield given by the arid and bare earth, among tufts of heather and wild capers and with the continuous search for balance in verticality.

The Cinque Terre Costa de Séra Litàn is in its elegance an important and charismatic wine , beautiful and intense and greedy like the magnificent Ligurian land that originates it, spectacular and daring. The choice of this wine helps to help sustainable viticulture, the three cousins ​​of the family who historically continue the difficult extreme production, consolidate the terraces and preserve this fragile and difficult territory, making it an unforgettable corner of paradise.

The Ghemé Staff: Chiara and Laura

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